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The Silk Heatless Curl Kit

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Introducing our Silk Curler Kit, the perfect solution for achieving gorgeous curls without any heat damage. This all-in-one kit is designed to provide you with effortless, natural-looking curls while keeping your hair healthy and protected. Here’s what makes our Silk Heatless Curler Kit a must-have. 


1. Gentle and Heatless Styling:  Our curler kit utilizes the power of silk to create beautiful curls without subjecting your hair to damaging heat. Say goodbye to risks of heat styling and hello to bouncy, voluminous curls. 

2. Premium Silk Material: The curlers in our kit are made from high-quality, 100% pure mulberry silk. Silk is known for its gentle touch and ability to glide smoothly over hair, preventing tangles and minimizing breakage. 

3. Easy to Use: Our Silk Heatless Curler Kit is designed for effortless styling. Simply wrap sections of your hair around the curlers and secure them in place. The lightweight and flexible design ensures a comfortable fit, allowing you to wear the curlers overnight or throughout the day. 

4. Versatile curls: With our kit, you can create a variety of curl types, from loose waves to tight curls, depending on your preference. Experiment with different wrapping techniques to achieve the exact look you desire. 

5. Hair-Friendly: By eliminating the need for heat styling tools, our Silk Heatless Curl Kit helps protect your hair from heat damage, dryness, and frizz. Embrace the natural beauty of your hair while enjoying stunning curls that last. 

6. Travel-Friendly: The compact and portable design of our Silk Heatless Curler Kit makes it an ideal travel companion. Pack it in your suitcase or carry-on, and you’ll always have a convenient way to achieve beautiful curls on the go. 

7. Complete Set: Our kit includes 1 x Silk Curl Ribbon, 2 x Silk Scrunchies, 1 x Comb, 1 x Claw Clip, presented in magnetic box. 



How to use our Silk Heatless Curl Kit?

1. Starting with slightly damp and parted hair, use the claw clip to hold the heatless curler on top of your head. 

2. With the piece of hair closest to your parting, begin wrapping hair around the curler away from the face. (Tip: The smaller the sections of hair and more closely wrapped, the tighter the curl. The larger the sections and more widely wrapped, the bigger the wave.)

3. Working your way down, take additional sections of hair and wrap around the curler until all hair on each side has been wrapped. 

4. Secure the ends of the hair with your silk hair scrunchies, remove the clip, and keep your curler in for 4-8 hours, or for best results, overnight.  

The results 

Unwrap your locks to reveal your gorgeous curls or waves.

Customer Reviews

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Mathias Emard

Recommend, very good.

Theresa Purdy

I like it a lot. It is actually easy to use and result is fantastic.

Jaydon DuBuque

Excellent quality. I love curling my hair but always was worried about heat damage but now with this product nothing to worry. Result is just fantastic.

Judy Witting

Amazing, comes packed in very nice box with accessories. Love it, so easy to use and such nice curls after few hours only and no damage to hair.

Joseph Lebsack

Excellent product.